HUMANA International

International Network

Humana People to People is a network of non-profit aid organizations in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America, all working in the field of international solidarity, cooperation and development.

Humana People to People was born with the wish to contribute to the fight against colonialism and apartheid in the late 1970-ies. When the last countries of southern Africa had won their independence and later when apartheid was abolished, Humana People to People continued to contribute to building the new societies and better lives for the people.

With the end of apartheid in 1994, it became clear that the struggle for development together with the poor people in the world was the natural continuation of the struggle against colonialism and apartheid.

Humana People to People is based on Solidary Humanism, with a profound shoulder-to-shoulder attitude to people in need. Humana People to People work together with the people in the pressing issues facing mankind, such as education, health, food security, environment, child aid and economic development, and in relief aid.

Humana People to People works together with the people and together with the governments in the countries. Often the development projects are found in rural areas where most people live, in the countries where Humana People to People work.

The Humana People to People organizations are part of the national fabric, and the projects are part of the communities. The project leaders and other staff belong in the community where the projects are based, and whom they serve.

Today 35 independent, national development aid organizations are members of “The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement”, with activities in 43 countries on five continents.