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Health is an element in many of the Humana People to People programs. At schools, it is part of the education. In Agriculture, health is addressed through the improved production and therefore availability of more nutritious food, in the fight against HIV/AIDS many other health issues are influencing the state of the persons affected - and in all cases, being poor means being of poor health. 

TB has become a big threat to the people in Africa, especially to those who are HIV positive. The co-existence of TB and HIV further complicates and stresses the immune system of the HIV positive people. TB is the leading cause of death amongst people living with HIV.

Diseases that are otherwise not a threat among the better offs continues to be a threat in poor communities in Africa, such as typhoid, cholera and in some areas malaria. African communities also generally suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure and obesity due to unhealthy lifestyles.

HPP fundamentally believes that each and every individual is responsible for his or her own health. However, we acknowledge that the challenges in Africa for the individual to carry out that responsibility are huge.

There is a need for much more education for the individual to actually have the appropriate knowledge how to prevent diseases. Much of this is taken care of by word of mouth information shared between peers and delivered through generations, but in a complex world as the one we are living in this is not enough.