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Become a volunteer

According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. And they “die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death.”

The State of the World´s Children report that almost 1 billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.

If human development is about enlarging choices, poverty means that the opportunities and choices most basic to human development are denied. Thus a person is not free to lead a long, healthy, and creative life and is denied access to a decent standard of living, freedom, dignity, self-respect and the respect of others. From a human development perspective, poverty means more than the lack of what is necessary for material well-being.

The 2011 Human Development Report argues that the urgent global challenges of sustainability and equality must be addressed together.  Past reports have shown that living standards in most countries have been rising for several decades.  Yet the 2011 Report projects a disturbing reversal of those trends if environmental deterioration and social inequalities continue to intensify.

Action and solidarity is a must - join us in making change in the world.
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The story of a volunteer

My name is Dimitar and here I´m going to tell you my story as a Development Instructor for Africa.

Two years ago I wanted to make some change with my life. I had good job with good salary but I didn´t  feet happy and satisfied with it, and with my life in general. And one day looking and surfing at Internet I found one ad for Volunteers in Africa. And this was the moment when my life changed.

I made the contact and few months later I arrived in Norway for my preparation period. There I worked and studied and prepare myself  for my mission in Africa.

The period which I spent in Norway was 10 months.

I worked for my accomodation and food and all other expenses during the program.

I had also a lot practical and theoretical seminars connected to my project.

I found amasing people which accept me for what am I and I didn´t have to pretend to be something more. This friends gave to me a lot of strength and support in difficult moments.

Some of the jobs were very hard, like "Clothes Collection" or "Truck Filling" but with friend like this everything was easy and the work became fun.

And after 10 month, I went to Africa. This was life-changing experience. I can´t write down all my impressions, they are so much and so contradictory. On one side are things like poverty, low education, diseases (particularly HIV and AIDS), living conditions, life expectancy (under 40 years for Mozambique).

On the other side, society without jealousy, hypocrisy, stress, racism and bad feeling to each other or to the foreigners.

The locals were so friendly to me, I was even suspicious, saying: "This is impossible they want something from me" but the truth is this  is the way things are in Africa and I saw the most amazing part of the human society.

And I started to realize how important is my contribution to all the work which HPP is doing in Africa. Improving the conditions of life, their education, informing the people about different diseases and how to prevent them or how people that are HIV-positive can live positive and healthy life.

I was witness of amazing evidence for all of this:

Graduation party of two different schools: EPF Maputo and Vocational School Machava

I was lucky, to  witness graduation of current students, and this was something really special.

  • First: Their singing, imagine 196 people to sing just like one, without music instrument most of the time. And what they singing, if you think about some song, forget, they make songs of the things, which they want to say to others, and to the “Audience”. Reason for this singing were, delay of special guests, some people from the government. Duration around 1 hour.
  • Second: The official program. The Students represent some dance, again together with singing, without music instrument.
  • Third: Singing the national anthem. Participants: Everybody, (students, parents, special guests) Imagine 500 people, sing in same time.
  • Fourth: The Graduation. All special guests, were part  of the Official program, with distribution of diploma´s, dances with students, speeches and etc.
  • Fifth: The atmosphere of the event. Incredible and indescribable. For this people this event was something really special. For all of them.


  1. The Students sung, only one sentence in English: "We all happy to be together" and my feeling is that was 100% true.
  2. At the graduation of the 4 best students, applause were so loud, from all of them, without envy and hypocrisy.
  3. The Special guest including the Minister of Education, greeted every students with: Ola Profesores with very loud voice. Those students after the Graduation have to work like a primary teachers.

And etc. etc. etc.....

Also I was attended the graduation of "Colegio Politecnico Maputo" this was the same atmosphere like "EPF Graduation Party" just was smaller party only for 52 students.     

When I visited one of the Local Orphanages, I saw how the big children take care for the smaller with all kind of help which they need

Or Local Family takes care of neighbor´s orphans without thoughts to take some advantages of this.

A participated in a lot of their cultural evenings and holidays, where the atmosphere is something really special, but this can´t be described, must be seen, if you want to understand it.