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Here are some of the most common questions from our clients:

Q: Where do the clothes come from?

A: It is a mixed selection of clothes from: Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, USA, Slovenia and Austria. The clothes are well selected and as a client you can be shopping comfortably and enjoy a broad selection of fashionable brands and modern clothes.

Q: What do the shops offer specifically and who are the clients?

A: The Humana shops in Slovakia have a “family concept” that includes all ages, men, women and children clothes. You can also find articles for the home such as curtains, bedcovers, blankets etc. You can find leather clothes, carnival clothes and working clothes. There is a very broad selection and you are welcome to come in and check it out!

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Q: What are the prices?

A: In the Humana shops you find out that each piece has a price (no KG prices).

Generally to buy second hand clothes is very cheap and when you start to discover what you can get for the money, you get “hooked” and will for sure soon return again to the shops. Each week, there are different kinds of promotions going on.

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